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Indiana misses AP top 25 for 1,247th consecutive week

Once again, the Hoosier football team will start the season unranked.

Rutgers v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Today, the preseason Associated Press college football Top 25 poll was released. And just like in the last 1,247 weeks, Indiana football once again was not included in the venerable weekly rankings.

The Hoosiers, coming off a 5-7 season without a bowl game, did not even receive a single vote for the poll. IU did not even register with the likes of other one-vote teams in the preseason poll, such as Arkansas State, Fresno State, and IU’s biggest rival, the Kentucky Wildcats.

This marks the 1,247th consecutive week since Indiana was last ranked in an AP poll. The last time Indiana was ranked was in late September of 1994, when IU received a #25 ranking after a quick 3-0 start. After a 62-13 loss to Wisconsin, however, the Hoosiers weren’t ranked again that season, and have yet to be ranked again for almost 24 years. After hearing about the continuation of this Ripken-esque AP streak, one Bloomington resident muttered something about Romeo Langford and counted off the number of days until Hoosier Hysteria.

In other Big Ten news around today’s poll, Wisconsin ranked 4th, ahead of Ohio State, who came in at 5th. When Buckeyes fans heard this news, they insisted that the AP poll was “part of a giant ESPN-backed anti-OSU conspiracy” and demanded a release of their own “unbiased” rankings in which Ohio State would receive every single first-place vote.