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Taco Bell would really, really like Romeo Langford to come to Indiana

Yes, this is real, and we’re past the point of parody — I think.

Image via Twitter, @andyluther300
Andy Luther

It’s a decent morning to be waking up as an Indiana fan. Late last night, Indiana officially picked up a commit from Arizona transfer Brandon Dawkins on the gridiron. Kansas just got named in the wide-ranging college basketball FBI probe, and all signs seem to be turning toward Indiana otherwise in the Romeo Langford recruitment — though much might be guesswork. All that’s enough to have all of us in a danged fever pitch regarding our beloved semi-large, not-yet-adult New Albanian son.

Not convinced? Don’t live here? Not quite able to fathom the obsession of an entire goddamn state about the decision of a teenager which is starting to toe a line from charming to creepy? I present to you Exhibit 1:

Ah. Oh, yes, neat. Wonderful. Ack.