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Our team of experts give you their picks for the third-most exciting mid-major tournament of the week.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament Final-Michigan vs Wisconsin Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports





Swick: I’m taking Illinois because I love Brad Underwood, and I’m taking Rutger because they’ll be fueled by a raucous hometown crowd of at least one dozen people.

Alex: Illinois, Rutger

Tilka: Give me Minnesota over Rutger because Rutger has no redeeming qualities and give me Illinois over Iowa because Illinois defensive capabilities will frustrate the young hawkeyes

Ben: Illinois, Minnesota

Jack: Illinois, Rutger (these games aren’t worth an explanation)

Auston: Iowa, Minnesota


Swick: Wisconsin in the nooner, then Michigan, Penn State, and Indiana over Rutger for maximum #content possibilities for the blogger boys.

Alex: Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, Indiana

Tilka: Maryland over Wisconsin because I like the Terps ability to shut down Happ, Michigan over Illinois because Illinois is gonna be exhausted from trying to slow down Iowa, Penn St over Northwestern because the wildcats can’t seem to figure it out, Indiana over Minnesota because their best game of the season in the B1G this year probably came playing the Gophers

Ben: Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, Indiana

Jack: Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State, Indiana (Badgers are trending up while the Terps have lost 6 of 10, Michigan is disciplined and won’t falter to Illinois defensive pressure, Penn St will play with desperation to try to save any NCAA hopes against an underachieving Northwestern team, Indiana clinches an NIT bid in an odd non conference matchup in the conference tournament)

Auston: Maryland, Michigan, Penn State, Indiana

FRIDAY: (could actually be some decent games today)

Swick: Michigan State by a bit, Michigan by a lot, Ohio State by a hair, and Indiana by 9000 points (Purdue fans ... hello)

Alex: MSU, Michigan, Penn State, Indiana

Tilka: MSU was the most impressive team I saw play in Assembly Hall this year (to be fair, I didn’t get to see Purdue) so I see them having no problem on Thursday. Nebraska has been playing well, this Michigan team is going to be too hot for them to handle. I was impressed by Ohio State’s performance against IU and the time OSU and PSU faced off OSU won by over 20, I see something similar happening again. I’m going to hate myself for making this prediction but I think IU finally gets that big time conference win over Purdue.

Ben: Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue

Jack: Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Purdue (Wisconsin playing well but Sparty has too much talent, lol Nebrasketball, Penn State has Ohio State’s number, the Hoosiers will keep it close again, but lack of depth from a light rotation and from playing the day prior—as well has Purdue’s size and physicality—will wear down IU)

Auston: Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Indiana


Swick: Michigan State over Michigan, Indiana over Ohio State

Alex: MSU, Penn State

Tilka: This game will probably be the best game of the tournament and I think it could very easily go either way but I’m gonna give the edge to Sparty. Indiana sadly falls to OSU and Andrew Dakich a third time this season as Indiana falls out of the running for an AQ bid.

Ben: Michigan, Purdue

Jack: Michigan, Purdue (John Beilein has his team playing its best at the right time of the season yet again and they out duel a more talented Michigan State team by catching fire from the outside, Boilers by 90 as Penn State’s NCAA Tournament hopes die)

Auston: Michigan State, Indiana


Swick: Michigan State: 124, Tired-ass Indiana: 13

Alex: Michigan State over Penn State

Tilka: Michigan State is too much for OSU to handle and the Spartans earned a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney.

Ben: Michigan over Purdue

Jack: Michigan over Purdue (Wolverines have been close against the Boilers twice, Mo Wagner eats Issac Haas for breakfast and Michigan shoots well from the perimeter as)

Auston: Michigan State 420, Indiana 5