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Chris Collins got on all fours at the end of the Michigan-Northwestern game last night

The Northwestern coach provided the image of the year for Big Ten hoops, and became an instant meme in the process.

After IU edged out Penn State last night, BTN jumped right into the next game of their Big Ten doubleheader, as Michigan traveled to Welsh-Ryan Arena to play Northwestern. Like IU whenever they’re at the Bryce Jordan Center, things always tend to get a little weird when Michigan travels to Evanston.

Last night was no exception.

With under two minutes left and his team down 62-60, Northwestern coach Chris Collins had a... uhhh... very unique way of trying to rally his Wildcats to victory:

Naturally once this image got to the internet, it caught fire.

Here were some of the best reactions.

Some likened Collins to a household pet with his unorthodox maneuver:

Others said he embodied the spirit of his alma mater:

Whereas others thought he might be following in Tom Izzo’s footsteps:

There were also references to other memes:

Ultimately, the all-fours stance did not work, as Northwestern lost 62-60 to undefeated #5 Michigan. But regardless, Collins now has the defining image of the Big Ten season thus far: a coach going to any possible length to get his team the victory against a top-five opponent.

With the loss, Northwestern fell to 0-2 in the conference, but perhaps Collins put himself in line for another Chicago-based gig?