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This 10 year-old Indiana fan’s letter to Rob Phinisee is the cutest thing you’ll see today

The letter from Jasper resident Nicolas Aguilera, age 10, is heartwarming, funny, and has excellent penmanship.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

IU freshman point guard Rob Phinisee has already become somewhat of a folk hero for Hoosiers fans, thanks to his buzzer-beating shot over Butler last Saturday afternoon. This wasn’t even the first time Phinisee hit a huge shot late in a game for IU, but it definitely was the biggest.

And Indiana fans of all ages are starting to take notice.

Per Brehan Leinenbach on Twitter and Instagram, here’s a letter that Nicolas Aguilera, a 10 year-old IU fan from Jasper, Indiana, sent to Phinisee after his buzzer-beater over the weekend:

The first thing you’ll notice is the kid’s excellent penmanship. My handwriting has never been this good and it certainly wasn’t at the age of 10. Also, the punctuation and grammar are flawless, and Nicolas isn’t afraid to too his own horn either with the mention of his own buzzer-beating shot the next day. He also points out that 10 is Phinisee’s number, as well as his own age and his own jersey number.

Will Phinisee take Nicolas up on his offer to sit on the bench with his team? IU does have a 12-day stretch between 12/22 and 1/3 without any games, so there might be some time!

And finally, there is this kicker, the P.S. at the end:

P.S. I am glad you didn’t go to Purdue.

Well done Nicolas, you’re a born Poster. Feel free to write something for us at CQ any time.