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CQ Best Bets: Week 11

Still technically making you money.

We are reviewing our bet-making policy.

LAST WEEK: 5-6 (-4 units)

YTD: 62-62-1 (+8 units), 2.26% ROI

Onto the picks!


HOOSIER SPECIAL: 9-8-1 (+4 units) /// Maryland (PK) at Indiana (55)

KYLE’S BET: u55 (3 units)

I think the bye week should really help Tom Allen get things sorted out on the defensive side of things. Meanwhile, Maryland looks like a team that’s ready for this season to be over, and I can’t blame them. I’m somewhat confident in the Hoosiers to win this game, but the under looks like the safest bet. Indiana 21, Maryland 13

ALEX’S BET: Indiana PK (5 units)

Maryland isn’t good and this is the last chance Indiana has to win a football game in 2018. They’ll grab this one just to make the loss to Purdue suck even more in a couple weeks. Indiana 31, Maryland 21

GAME OF THE WEEK: 8-8 (-1 unit) /// Oklahoma State (+20.5) at Oklahoma (76.5)

KYLE’S BET: Oklahoma State +21 (2 units)

I like the over as well, but I can’t see this Sooners defense getting enough stops to cover three touchdowns. Buy the book and take that heap of points in a rivalry game all day. Oklahoma 55, Oklahoma State 45

ALEX’S BET: Over 76.5 (4 units)

I’ll lay some action on Oklahoma this weekend too. But I’m more confident in the over. I don’t know that anyone can slow down Oklahoma, and being Bedlam, the Pokes will hang close for at least a half. Oklahoma 52, Oklahoma State 34

FAVORITE OF THE WEEK: 14-8 (+25 units)

KYLE’S BET: Oregon at UTAH (-4.5) Washington State (-6) at Colorado (4 units)

I was fine with this pick when Utah lost their QB (because, truthfully, he hadn’t been great) but losing Zack Moss is a bridge too far for this to be the favorite of the week. I still like Utah -4.5, I just don’t love it. So give me the Cougars to keep it rolling by at least a touchdown against the reeling Buffs. Wazzu 40, Colorado 23

ALEX’S BET: OHIO STATE (-3.5) at Michigan State (5 units)

You’re getting great value in Ohio State here because of the beatdown in West Lafayette a few weeks ago and their sleepwalking through the win over Nebraska. This week, they’ll come out and take down Sparty with ease. Ohio State 33, Michigan State 17

UNDERDOG OF THE WEEK: 7-13 (-16 units)

KYLE’S BET: NAVY (+25.5) at Central Florida (3 units)

Service academies cover big spreads, etc. Central Florida 38, Navy 17

ALEX’S BET: Texas at TEXAS TECH (+1.5) (3 units)

I don’t love any of the underdogs, despite there being some huge lines, like Boston College getting 20 against Clemson and Rutger getting 39 against Michigan. So I’m going with a dog that I think wins outright. Texas had quite the letdown in Austin against West Virginia last week and it’s hard to imagine them getting up for Texas Tech this week. Texas Tech 40, Texas 37

OVER OF THE WEEK: 11-10 (+4 units)

KYLE’S BET: Baylor at Iowa State o51 (3 units)

Alex and I picked the same over, next time we’ll text each other so one of us can change. Iowa State 38, Baylor 28

ALEX’S BET: Baylor at Iowa State o51 (3 units)

Apparently Vegas thinks these two teams are just going to throw rocks at each other. They combine for 58 a game and Baylor’s defense is bad. I’ll take the over on a slightly low number. Iowa State 35, Baylor 24

UNDER OF THE WEEK: 9-10 (-8 units)

KYLE’S BET: Florida State at Notre Dame (u53) (4 units)

Ian Book is out, grab this line while it’s still in the fifties. Notre Dame 21, Florida State 10

ALEX’S BET: Northwestern at Iowa u47 (2 units)

These two teams might actually throw rocks at each other. Iowa 21, Northwestern 10


MICHIGAN (-39.5) at “rutger”

Two years ago, rutger fans made a big deal about Michigan being their new “rivals,” and how the school needed to “Fence the Garden” (lol) to keep recruits in New Jersey instead of going to the Mitten. rutger fans even vandalized top high school program Paramus Catholic’s field when Jim Harbaugh held a satellite camp there. The whole was all so incredibly dumb. Anyway, the two teams played later that fall in Jersey, and Michigan won 78-0 (scoring 11 touchdowns as well as a two-point conversion at one point). To make things even worse, Jersey native Jabrill Peppers had the best game of his college career for Michigan.

Anyway long story short, Jim Harbaugh is the pettiest man in all of college football and remembers literally every single level of detail that happens to his team. So while they are a playoff contender who probably should exert as little effort as possible in this one, I think they’ll run it up on the Scarlet Knights in their own building again. Michigan 63, rutger 3


Please do not wager large amounts on these. Or if you do and they hit, paypal in bio.


Four teams, six points. (+250)

  • UMass +20
  • Penn State -2.5
  • Duke -4
  • Ole Miss +18



  • Wazzu -6
  • UAB -11.5
  • Miami +3
  • FSU at Notre Dame (u53)

Good luck, cash tickets.