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Indiana vs. Purdue: Old Oaken Bucket Gamethread

Bring the bucket back to Bloomington.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Who? Indiana Hoosiers (5-6 [2-6], #80 S&P+) vs. Purdue Boilermakers (5-6 [4-4], #42 S&P+)

When? Saturday, 11/24/18 12:00 PM, Bloomington, IN

Channel? ESPN2

Vegas? Purdue -4

S&P+ Projection? Purdue -4.9

Game preview here

Last season, 5-6 Indiana faced 5-6 Purdue for a berth in a bowl game. In a game that Purdue mostly controlled and Markell Jones ran wild for the Boilermakers, Indiana lost the Bucket for the first time since 2012.

This season, 5-6 Indiana once again faces 5-6 Purdue for a berth in a bowl game. This year, IU and Purdue have had reverse seasons to one another. The Hoosiers started 3-0 while Purdue began 0-3. Then the Boilers picked things up (including a 29-point win over Ohio State), while Indiana went 0-for-October. But Purdue struggled to a 1-3 record post-OSU, and Indiana has put together a couple decent performances this month.

So, we arrive at the same place we were at exactly one year ago. The rumors about Jeff Brohm leaving for Louisville are swirling, but Purdue has the upper hand in the advanced stats (38 spots ahead of IU in S&P+), and have a dynamic playmaker in Rondale Moore who can take the ball to the house at any moment.

Add in the fact that Indiana football exists in an absurdist multiverse that is void of any logic, and I’m kind of worried about this one. It’s been a trying season in Bloomington (as usual). But that can all be forgiven if the Hoosiers win this today and get their third bowl berth in four years. Fun fact: this year’s senior class at IU has seen the Bucket game be a bowl berth for all 4 years while at Indiana.

So leave your comments here and enjoy the show. It’s IU football at Memorial Stadium against Purdue! What could possibly go wrong?