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INDIANA VS UC Davis: Game Preview, odds, how-to-watch, and more

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NCAA Basketball: Big West Conference Tournament-UC Davis v Cal State Fullerton Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Game Info / How to Watch

Who? Indiana Hoosiers (4-1, #22 KenPom) vs. UC Davis Aggies (1-5, #254 KenPom)

When? Friday, 11/23/18 7:00 PM, Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, Bloomington, IN

Channel? BTN Plus

Vegas? Indiana -22, o/u 134.5

KenPom Projection? Indiana 79-57, 97% chance of Indiana victory

Hello Hoosier fans, we here at CQ hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving and enjoyed your pecan pie.

Now back to reality, today is Black Friday and the stress of the world REALLY sets in with trying to keep your crap together for these next few weeks and just make it to the holidays. I’m not sure it applies to y’all but it certainly does for me.

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Alright back to business.

Indiana is in a very tough spot right now, the Hoosiers have been dealing with some seriously bad luck early on in the injury department with the likes of Devonte Green, Race Thompson, Zach McRoberts, and De’Ron Davis missing time Tuesday against UT Arlington and are doubtful to play the Aggies tonight.

Let’s take a look at what UC Davis has done so far this season.

The Opponent

Well the answer, simply, is not a damn thing. The Aggies currently sit at a terrible 1-5 this season with their only win coming from a neutral court OT win against (checks notes) Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

The Aggies have been on the road for quite some time as well as they haven’t played a true home game since November 9th, with this game in Bloomington being the last road game of a long five game stretch.

As for players to watch for the main one sticking out would have to be 5-9 PG TJ Shorts (yes that’s his real name). Shorts comes into this game as one of the top facilitators in the country as he ranks in the top 50 nationally for his assist rate. Although that’s the only positive of UC Davis’ offense.

I mean, just look at their Four Factors.

Four Factors

MAN does this team have some sloppy sloppy sloppy offense. In their four factors on offense, they don’t boast anything above a rank of 225. The team is currently shooting at a 40.3% clip (#342 KenPom) and has a turnover rate of 25.2% (#337 KenPom).

Although, in fairness, IU hasn’t looked too great in the turnover department on offense either (20.2%, #223 KenPom).

On the defensive side, the Aggies are just pretty average for Division I standards. Nothing below 210 but nothing above 110 for their KenPom rankings for the Four Factors on Defense.

Three Factors

Stay Healthy - IU simply cannot afford to have another player or two go down against an opponent like UC Davis. Obviously this is something Archie and his staff can’t control but it’s something to keep in mind more so as a fan and keep tracking of who is doing what.

Head Down, Shoulders Forward - After this game, IU maybe looking at the toughest stretch of their entire season, which is unfortunate considering the health of this current team. The Hoosiers will have to grind through @ Duke, vs Northwestern, @ Penn State, vs Louisville, then @ Butler in Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the Crossroads Classic.

Find me a Nintendo Switch Deal - Just wanted to circle back to this, I’m serious guys. Also I didn’t add a third point because I don’t imagine that many of y’all will actually be watching this between shopping and trying to get the in-laws out of your house, but, uh, I guess if you still want one, watch Juwan’s performance I guess? He’s sort of in a similar situation as the one he faced toward the end of last year where he kinda just puts the team on his back so I’ll definitely be curious to see if he does the same once again.