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SLACKCHAT - Hoosier Hysteria, basketball recruiting and Archie Miller

Basketball content in October? You’re welcome

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Do not blink your eyes. You are really seeing Crimson Quarry produce basketball content in October.

Indiana’s Hoosier Hysteria took place on Saturday with a handful of noteworthy moments. The Oladipo Zeller Legacy Lounge was announced and it looks amazing. Romeo Langford did a cartwheel that did not look amazing. The on-court projection show did look amazing and could lead to some exciting pre-game shows/videos this season.

As with any Midnight Madness/Hoosier Hysteria/catchy opening practice name across the country, the secondary story always surrounds the recruits. Notable attendees for Indiana included 2019 targets Keion Brooks and Trayce Jackson-Davis. With Romeo Langford being the first domino to fall, Brooks and TJD could be next in line with Archie seeming to only be gaining momentum with in-state recruiting post Langford commitment.

Our Slack today consisted of talk about Hoosier Hysteria and basketball. We riffed on Archie, recruiting, the new locker rooms and legacy lounge and then copy and pasted it to make quick and easy #content because this is our brand.

DS - wonder if oladipo reviving his career in indiana has romeo considering milking the iu ties too

Nick Csizmadia - Oladipo being traded to Indy was one of Archie’s luckiest breaks

JR - did you guys see the Oladipo Zeller Legacy Lounge thing? I think that’s big.

NC - Yes. It’s all awesome and a great recruiting tool

AM - Starting lineup: Phinisee-Langford-Anderson-TJD-Brooks

Jack Grossman - With Trendon Watford as the 6th man

NC - When Justin Smith and Juwan get drafted but Romeo stays >>>

JR - Yes but we didn’t get Musa Jallow so it’s all meaningless

AM - Walking into a super cool lounge that reminds you there are dudes that are gods in the state because he played for IU is a good thing for IU

NC - Is it hasty to call it a top 5 locker room setup in the country now?

AM - Well it’s a beautiful locker room/team facility. So no. I’d like to live in there

JR - when IU steals Duke’s “It’s a brotherhood” phrase within the next 2 years. Who are the big names for the 2020 class from Indiana? Are there any/man?

CS - Is the kid from blackhawk a 2020 kid? Furst?

JR - He’s a sophomore this year So 2021.

CS - the 2020 class is butt

DS - theres a ton of minimal interest with a lot of people but nothing significant

JR - Yeah I’ve seen Majak play too and if he’s the 4th best player in that class, woof. Majak is very good at being 7’1”. I don’t think he’s played basketball much before the last couple years though and it shows. He couldn’t play the end of games because he was so bad at the line

CS - they should probably get leal since he’s a top 100 kid in bloomington. no idea if he’s any good, but folks would throw a fit ala musa jallow

JR - I guess 2020 is when we learn if Archie is as good a recruiter nationally as he appears to be locally