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CQ Best Bets: Week 8

Haters ... hello.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Michigan
Best Bets’ hero of the week for getting us an over we didn’t deserve.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors of Best Bets’ demise have been greatly exaggerated.

After catching a lot of grief in the comments for our [checks notes] one awful week, with one fella even suggesting people fade our picks despite being [squints] still positive for the season, we came out swinging with our best performance to date. Neither the parlay nor the teaser hit (more on the latter in a bit) but sixteen units guys. SIXTEEN UNITS.

Do feel free to fade our underdog picks. Holy god we’re taking a beating in that department. For the next couple of weeks I’m going to fade my first pick on that category and move to my second one, we’ll see what happens.

LAST WEEK: 9-3 (+16 units)

YTD: 47-42 (+21 units), 8.64% ROI



HOOSIER SPECIAL: 7-5 (+6 units) /// Penn State (-15) at Indiana (61)

KYLE’S BET: u61 (2 units)

PUNT WEEK FOREVER. Penn State 31, Indiana 15

ALEX’S BET: Indiana +15 (2 units)

I’m not on Punt Week like Swick. I actually think the over hits in this one. I think we get three quarters worth of a Tom Allen defense on Saturday and the Hoosiers hang around before shitting the bed in typical Indiana football fashion. Penn State 37, Indiana 28

GAME OF THE WEEK: 7-5 (+6 units) /// Oregon (+3) at Washington State (67.5)

KYLE’S BET: o67.5 (4 units)

OH BABY ALL EYES ARE ON PULLMAN IT’S POINTSPALOOZA TIME. The Cougs are 5-1 for the over on the year and have been a fairly reliable over since Mike Leech took over. No reason to overthink this. Wazzu 41, Oregon 39

ALEX’S BET: Washington State (-3) (2 units)

No way with College GameDay coming to town will the the Old Pirate lose one at home. A late score puts the spread on ice. Washington State 45, Oregon 34

FAVORITE OF THE WEEK: 10-6 (+15 units)

KYLE’S BET: MICHIGAN (-7) at Michigan State (2 units)

Everyone (and I mean e v e r y o n e) is citing Harbaugh’s record against Michigan’s rivals this week. I’m on record saying I think this Wolverines squad is pretty damn good. I’ll stake some cash on that opinion. Michigan 31, Michigan State 20

ALEX’S BET: OKLAHOMA (-8) at Texas Christian (5 units)

Two weeks off to stew over an embarrassing loss to Texas? Playing a vastly inferior opponent? All of this spells a BIG Sooner win to me. Oklahoma 42, TCU 24

UNDERDOG OF THE WEEK: 5-9 (-8 units)

KYLE’S BET: MEMPHIS (+9.5) at Mizzou (5 units)

Memphis is fresh off taking UCF down to the wire and plays probably one of the most watchable brands of football in America right now. I can’t believe this number, and I wouldn’t have found it if I hadn’t passed on my initial pick (Minnesota over Nebraska). I think Memphis has a shot to win this outright, but we’ll take the points to be safe. Memphis 42, Mizzou 40

ALEX’S BET: NC STATE (+17.5) at Clemson (2 units)

UConn is getting 34 at South Florida. Minnesota is a dog at winless Nebraska. And a decent Colorado team is getting 16.5 at Washington. Still, though, I’m riding with undefeated NC State to have a nice showing in Death Valley. The Wolfpack won’t win, but they’ll keep it close enough to show they are for real. Clemson 31, NC State 20

OVER OF THE WEEK: 8-7 (+4 units)

KYLE’S BET: Miami (OH) at Army (o48) (3 units)

Army has an incredibly efficient offense and, incidentally, cannot play defense all that well. The Redhawks aren’t an offensive powerhouse but I expect them to keep this close and get us over the line. Army 31, Miami (OH), 28

ALEX’S BET: Nevada at Hawaii (o67) (4 units)

The Hawaii offense is broken, having only scored 40 total points the last two weeks. That’s why they’re not a max play this week. But hosting a Nevada team with no defense and some fire power of its own? It’s worth a strong bet. Hawaii 41, Nevada 38

UNDER OF THE WEEK: 7-7 (-2 units)

KYLE’S BET: Wake Forest at Florida State (u60) (2 units)

The Seminoles’ offense is an ongoing train wreck and this is only Wake Forest’s SECOND ROAD GAME of the season. That’s insanity. With rain in the forecast I’m looking forward to a slow, sloppy game. Florida State 27, Wake Forest 20

ALEX’S BET: Auburn at Ole Miss (u62.5) (3 units)

I was very tempted to taking Colorado State and Boise State on Friday night, in the bitter cold, at u57. But Auburn’s offense has been so bad the past few weeks, I’m not sure this one gets into the 50s, let alone the 60s. If the Tigers’ defense shows up, I know it won’t. Auburn 27, Ole Miss 17


UConn at USF (-33)

I’m back this week with another 30-pointer. This time we go back to a team we’ve won betting against before — UConn, who could be the worst team in FBS this season. Other than Jon Gruden’s return to Oakland, Randy Edsall has had the worst return trip to a program of any coach recently. USF hasn’t won big much this year (they had to eke out wins over Illinois and Tulsa), but UConn seems different, as the Huskies haven’t given up fewer than 49 points all season and average only 13 points per game on offense against FBS teams. In addition, the Huskies are 0-5-1 ATS on the year, and the game’s in Tampa. USF wins big. USF 56, UConn 10


Please do not wager large amounts on these. Or if you do and they hit, paypal in bio.


I opened my wallet ... and it was full of blood. Four teams, seven points (+250)

  • Oklahoma -1
  • Cincinnati +10.5
  • Iowa -2
  • Miami (OH) +14.5



  • Buffalo -1
  • Memphis +9.5
  • UCF -21
  • Wazzu/Oregon o67.5

Good luck, cash tickets.