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SLACKCHAT: Should we start worrying about Tom Allen?

Indiana is trending downward after an embarrassing display against Iowa. Should we start worrying about the coaching staff?

NCAA Football: Ball State at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In typical Indiana fashion, a no-show in a game that could change the trajectory of the program led to an embarrassing loss to Iowa on Saturday. A coaching staff adding to the misery both directly and indirectly didn’t help matters and spawned a long discussion in our Slack about the game, the program and whether things are going to change.

Ben Raphel - is anyone going to write about the DeBacle.

Chris Schutte - what is there to write that hasn’t already been said

Auston Matricardi - Been thinking about writing but idek where to begin

Ben - yeah that’s where i’m at

Jacob Rude - Our stance is well known. I don’t think any new information is coming out. Unless you can come at it from a new angle

Ben - i can’t

Auston - I was thinking about writing a crootin column

Jacob - The only other one I can think of is to start holding Allen accountable for keeping DeBord on staff but I don’t think anything would change until the off-season anyway

Ben - my angle that allen doesn’t have the temperament to be a Power 5 head coach makes me sound like an old man

Auston - My thesis would be something along the lines of “if you aren’t happy with the product Tom Allen is putting on the field now give his recruits a chance to mature because they’re good”

Jacob - i think that angle on Allen should probably wait on whether we make a bowl game this year. Like this part of the schedule always sucks and we always look bad

Auston - Yeah I’m not sure if I want to back Allen at this moment

Ben - 12 passing TDs though i can’t get past that part. 6 TDs from 2 QBs for 2 straight weeks. obviously haskins is a heisman contender, and i like stanley, but still

Jacob - Stanley is actually pretty good. Haskins, Stanley, McSorley are 3 of the prolly top 4 QBs in the conference

Jack - Yes but the D also shit the bed against MSU. And Lewekey isn’t exactly great

Kyle Robbins - i may bring some heat this week

Ben - bring that heat robbins

Kyle - i may dive into playcalling. there’s a couple of things i saw

Auston - There was the usual DeBordiness

Ben - sure. goes beyond that, tho

Auston - Absolutely

Chris - the 3rd and 5 draw in the red zone was the most egregious imo

Ben - that’s so debord

Auston - Any and all QB draws are bad to me. If Peyton Ramsey is the one under center at least

Ben - it’s pretty clear the Penix won’t be unleashed again

Auston - He’ll be unleashed twice more

Kyle - It was discussed they said

Ben - m a y b e

Jack - He’ll play vs Purdue and in the bowl game if there is one

Ben - i’m not confident

Kyle - (play him next week)

Jack - I’d be all in on him starting the bowl game if he only played in 3 gms in the regular season.

Auston - Play him against Minnesota/Maryland and Purdue

Jacob - I don’t think we’ll use Penix again. Unless Ramsey gets hurt

Auston - When Mike Penix sits on the bench as a redshirt freshman as IU struggles to 5-7 >>>>>>>

Kyle - just let grant heard call plays man

Ben - yeah sure why not can’t be worse

Kyle - this isn’t hard. i will say there are some things about the debord SCHEME i like

Auston - Let Grant Heard make things all Chad Kelly Ole Miss-esque

Kyle - it’s the situational playcalling

Nick - IU getting the ball 3 minutes or less before halftime every week and finding some new, exciting way to horribly clock manage is very frustrating

Kyle - tom allen is not a good in-game manager

Auston - That’s right Kyle

Jacob - he needs a really smart, creative offensive mind to cover up some of his flaws. DeBord is not that

Nick - What’s with Indiana and in-game coaches named Tom

Ben - look, i know a thing about bad in game football coaches,

Kyle - the 30 yards of penalties on the coaching staff at critical points saturday was fireable

Auston - The lack of discipline was appalling

Ben - yes the lack of discipline starts At The Top. 91 points in 2 weeks man. this guy’s calling card is defense

Jacob - he also ton of his defense from last year and it was pretty surprising how well they were playing. maybe this is regression to the mean

Auston - You’re probably right

Kyle - yeah. i mean one of those is ohio state

Ben - i just hate to get pantsed by kirk ferentz on homecoming

Kyle - the other is probably going to a NY6 bowl

Ben - yeah i think this iowa team might be better than ‘15

Kyle - y’all realize iowa may go 11-1 right

Jacob - yeah i think these are two really good teams

Ben - oh they’re winning the West

Kyle - FIREY TAKE: iowa might be better than ohio state

Chris - I don’t completely hate that

Jacob - i think they’ll give them their best game

Ben - ehh

Kyle - that OSU defense is baaaaad man

Chris - OSU’s defense stinks

Jack - Yaaaaaa not going that far. I’d still take OSU

Jacob - that game will end like 52-48

Kyle - Iowa kicked our ass like i haven’t seen in awhile off the ball

Ben - Both iowa and wisconsin have to play at PSU still

Nick - OSU’s gonna be fine I think. I don’t think anyone can match their offensive weapons in the Big Ten. Will be exposed in playoff probs

Ben Raphel - yeah that’s how i feel Nick. i think they’ll whoop michigan

Chris - Michigan has looked good lately

Ben - Michigan might lose next weekend

Nick - The Big Ten seeing their teams get their asses beat in the playoff kinda getting old

Kyle Swick - I think Michigan is very good. I think they beat OSU this year

Ben -Same. Home michigan and road michigan are different teams (edited)


Ben - ehh they might not make the b1g title game

Jack - I just think the Big 10 is bad this year. I don’t think anyone is really that great on a national scale

Chris - I mean roughly half the conference is top 25 caliber

Jack - That’s really because of brand names tho

Kyle - It doesn’t matter. Alabama is going to win the playoff