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Indiana suspends Morgan Ellison from campus for 2.5 years following sexual assault finding

The investigating board’s findings were noted in an October 3 letter acquired by the IndyStar late yesterday. Ellison had been suspended from the football program since August 24, but had recently returned to practice. He may appeal the campus suspension.

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An Indiana University sexual misconduct hearing panel has determined that running back Morgan Ellison sexually assaulted another student, per a report released early Thursday morning by IndyStar.

The panel concluded that Ellison sexually assaulted another student while she slept, then used force to continue the assault when she woke up in their report. As a part of this determination, Ellison will be suspended from all IU campuses for two and a half years and be required to undergo counseling. He will also be prohibited from having contact with the student victim. He has until Thursday to appeal the panel’s decision.

As of Thursday afternoon, the university and Ellison have yet to make a statement regarding this matter.

According to records obtained by the Star, Ellison claimed that all sexual activity that occurred was consensual during the hearing.

There have been no criminal charges filed against Ellison and he is still listed on IU’s roster as of Thursday afternoon.

The sophomore was suspended indefinitely from all team activities on August 24, but has returned to practice with the Hoosiers recently. On October 2, the day before the panel came to their conclusion, Tom Allen announced the back had returned saying, “He’s been allowed to be with our team recently, and we still have no answer yet for his game opportunities, but he’s been allowed to be around us on a consistent basis now, which has helped. But we still don’t know the long-term future yet, taking it day by day.”

As this story progresses, we will continue to provide updates.