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StubHub user sells Indiana basketball season tickets for $42 each


NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps this person meant to sell their tickets to one early season contest, like the Indiana State or Howard game. Perhaps they mean to ask for $4,200 per ticket. Maybe they’re just insanely charitable or needed eighty bucks, quick.

Occasionally, since Indiana basketball season tickets have not been in my family for centuries, I peruse StubHub and other secondary markets to see if anyone who wants to maintain their hold on coveted season tickets is trying to get rid of them for the upcoming season. I figure that if I’m lucky, I may find someone selling some lower level seats for around $1,000 each and I could sell a couple big games when I have other things going on in life and make at least half of my money back.

The last time I was looking, I saw that someone was selling two tickets in section A, row 39. FOR FORTY-TWO DOLLARS EACH!

As I moved my mouse over the seats, the saddest little red message saying “Sold!” popped up before I could pounce. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

To whomever got in before me, congratulations and best of luck in the battle that lies ahead when the seller realizes what they’ve done and attempts to undo the sale based on unconscionable terms. To the seller, best of luck in trying not to take a terrible loss that resulted from a failure to proofread.

To both of you, please get in touch with Crimson Quarry dot com because we desperately want to know how this ends.

UPDATE, September 11, 2017, 1:30 p.m.: Over the weekend, the purchaser of these tickets got in touch with CQ. Nathan was brave enough to tell this harrowing tale:

“I was honestly excited to pay $106 after fees for season tickets. I got a cancellation notice that the seller goofed and [it] took 5 days to get [a] refund. I could not believe what I saw and [was] happy as can be. Darn the bad luck.”

Nathan seems like a nice guy, and it’s a shame that something that made him so happy was yanked out from under him like that. I don’t blame the season ticket holder for rescinding the offer and voiding the sale given the size of the “goof,” but maybe that seller will reach out to Nathan and offer him a couple tickets to an early season game as a mea culpa so that this story can have a happy ending.