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Indiana’s now the big favorite to land Romeo Langford, per 247’s Crystal Ball

Does this mean anything? Probably not. But here you go.

Via New Albany Hoops on Twitter

Is this actually news? No, probably not. But if you’d like to end your Thursday workday with some fun news, here you go. Indiana’s now the overwhelming leader to land Romeo Langford, according to the cavalcade of recruitniks behind 247’s Crystal Ball.

With the news from the New Albany star’s father last night that he’ll no longer consider Louisville after Rick Pitino’s departure, Indiana’s pulled into the lead per the service. That’s behind predictions from a number of recruiting writers both nationally and from team sites covering schools like Kentucky and Duke. Some are assuredly more ‘in the know’ than others, but it’s still something. Worth note, of course: Jerry Meyer, one of 247’s national experts, flipped from Louisville to Kansas for Langford after last night’s news.

Does any of this mean anything?


Or at least probably not. Langford’s been tipping his hand to take his time with his decision, and that’s about all the family has given in terms of outside information. This likely won’t be a recruitment that plays out publicly.

Still, here you go. Enjoy your evening.