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FBI arrests several NCAA assistant coaches in alleged bribery scheme

Buckle up.

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Xavier v Arizona Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Several arrests have been made in connection with an investigation into bribery and kickback schemes in collegiate basketball recruiting. The investigation looked into whether coaches received money from other entities (sportswear reps, agents, financial advisors, etc.) to pressure recruits into attending certain institutions.

Among the arrested are assistant coaches Chuck Person of Auburn, Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State, Emanuel Richardson of Arizona, and Tony Bland of USC.

Here is the complaint:

There’s a lot to take in here, and it’ll be awhile before the full reach of this investigation is known. Among the universities that directly implicate in the complaint (so far) appear to be the University of Louisville and the University of Miami, both adidas schools; and the University of South Carolina, an Under Armour school.

James (Jim) Gatto, who’s name appears throughout the complaint, is the head of sports marketing at adidas.

At this time, and bear in mind we are very early in the process, Indiana University nor anyone associated with their athletic programs has been connected to this investigation.

This story will be updated.