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Saquon Barkley, in my opinion, deserves to take the week off

He has worked very hard this year and needs a break before the stretch run!

NCAA Football: Penn State at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Saquon Barkley, the junior running back from Penn State, is already having a tremendous season. Last weekend, in a win over Iowa, Barkley had over 350 all-purpose yards, including 211 rushing yards. Even after just four games, it’s fair to say that Barkley is having a Heisman-caliber season, and you could make the case that he’s the best player in college football right now.

But college football is a grueling season, and we’re only one-thirds through it at the moment.

Therefore, I believe Saquon Barkley deserves a week off.

Barkley already has 518 rushing yards and 335 receiving yards on the season. Along with carving up a very stout Iowa defense, Barkley has also faced Akron, Pitt, and Georgia State this season - three opponents that are all approximately the same caliber and have been treated similarly by head coach James Franklin. Clearly, Barkley has been working very hard. And I believe that his hard work should be rewarded! And what better reward than taking next Saturday’s game off?!?

I mean, check this out. After plays like this, the guy has to be exhausted. I know I would be!

Penn State still has a long haul to go if they would like to repeat as B1G champs this year. They still have Michigan and Ohio State on the schedule. The Nittany Lions also have yet to face their two longtime rivals - Rutger and Maryland. And of course, Penn State faces the distinguished Medill School of Journalism in two weekends, so Barkley especially needs to show off in Evanston, so that one day these young Medill journalists can write about the time they saw him play (while listening to Springsteen, most likely).

Thus, Barkley has to rest up for the remainder of the season. And it would be in his best interests if he takes off this week, and comes back well-rested. I’m sure the leaves are changing color this time of year in central Pennsylvania too, so maybe Barkley wants to make a drive around the area and see some foliage.

Or perhaps he wants to go apple picking. Look at all of these apple orchards in the State College area that Saquon could go to if he wants to get some apples and cider donuts:

I think the decision should be an easy one for Barkley. If he takes Saturday off, he’ll be well-rested for the remainder of the year. It is the correct decision, and I am sure of this.

Thank you for reading this important blog post.