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TRAFFIC UPDATE: US 37 is balls again

Hey remember when 37 wasn’t a nightmare- that one time?

Vietnamese Motorists Battle Air Pollution In Fashion Photo by Linh Pham/Getty Images

After a brief reprieve for the Ohio State game, the Indiana Department of Transportation now happily announces that everything is miserable again:

I downloaded the Waze app for the first time in my life as I left for the Ohio State game and it chewed up 43% of my battery to tell me that the roads were basically clear.

Honestly, just don’t take 37 ever. Don’t think about it. Pretend it doesn’t exist. That it never existed. Pick some other garbage way to get to Bloomington- that’s the way you’ve always gone. That’s the only way there is.

Good job to everyone involved in the construction of this highway to hell. YOU’LL PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES IN THIS LIFE OR THE NEXT.