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Ohio State Buckeyes at Indiana Hoosiers: GAMETHREAD

It's been 29 long years since Indiana last beat Ohio State. Can the Hoosiers end the skid and get the Tom Allen era started with a monumental win against the No. 2 Buckeyes?

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Watch the Picture

Who? Indiana Hoosiers (#41 projected S&P+) vs #2 Ohio State Buckeyes (#3 projected S&P+)

When? Thursday, 8/31 8:00 PM, Bloomington, Indiana

Channel? ESPN

Vegas? OHIO STATE -21

S&P+ Projection? OHIO STATE -17

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Game Preview

Here's what CQ's Kyle Swick had to say about tonight's most-anticipated matchup - Tom Allen vs. Kevin Wilson - in this week's game preview:

While Urban Meyer’s success at Ohio State is undeniable, all eyes on Thursday will be on his new offensive coordination: former Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson. Meyer, apparently satisfied with the still-muddled reasons behind Wilson’s departure from Indiana, brought on the well-known scoring savant to help turn around his talented, but struggling, offense; particularly his talented, but struggling, quarterback. Wilson has been going uptempo spread long before it became the cool thing to do in college football and JT Barrett’s skill set seems, quite frankly, to be tailor-made for Wilson’s offense.

Tom Allen’s first game as the head man at Indiana went according to the same heartbreaking script that the Wilson era often followed: have a ranked team on the ropes and then lose in the 4th quarter. But with the Foster Farms Bowl long behind him and an entire offseason to further mold the program to his liking, he has the buzz around Indiana football at a notch not seen in some time. His second game at the helm will be one of the most talked-about and analyzed coaching match-ups of his tenure, as the nation’s eyes tune in to see what he has waiting for his former boss and vice-versa.

This Week in CQ Tweets

This one came true:

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