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Dear Yogi’s, I’ll miss you.

A heartfelt goodbye to one of my favorite hangouts in Bloomington.

Yesterday, the H-T reported that Yogi’s, the venerable bar and grill at the corner of 10th and Indiana, would be closing at the end of the month. Already, Yogi’s had announced that it would be moving by summer 2018, but yesterday the timetable became expedited, as now Yogi’s is closing indefinitely on July 22.

I’m going to miss the place.

Right now, Yogi’s is the nearest bar to Memorial Stadium or Assembly Hall, and an easy walk just 7 blocks down Indiana Avenue from either venue. Without Yogi’s, there won’t be another bar within a mile radius of the stadiums, which of course, do not serve alcohol (unlike Purdue). Maybe sales of beer at IU events will finally be allowed as a result?

But Yogi’s wasn’t just great because of its proximity to the stadiums. The food was always reliable, the beer selection was filled with local favorites, and the seating options - from the sun-filled front room to the booths in the back - all were terrific. My friends and I also liked to go there on fall Sundays - after all, they had Sunday Ticket, we needed a place with wi-fi to do our Econ homework, and we could have lunch while doing so. In addition, if you had your classes on the north side of campus like I did, Yogi’s was an easy walk to and from campus. After a rough day of classes, or even after TA-ing a class section, Yogi’s was the nearest place to kick back and relax a bit before going back to the grind.

Yogi’s holds a special place in my heart for another reason. In December 2012, I was nearing the end of my first semester at grad school at IU. Although it was late in the semester and finals were fast approaching, I knew I had to watch Indiana men’s soccer play in the NCAA title game against Georgetown. I didn’t know what to expect when I got to the bar, but the place was packed with Hoosier soccer fans, with almost every TV turned toward the finals - on a late-season NFL Sunday, no less. Indiana of course won that game, 1-0, as men’s soccer racked up its eighth all-time title. Sadly, this was the only title I got to witness during my time in Bloomington, but this game and the crowd at Yogi’s was one of the first times I learned how the passion of the IU fanbase extended beyond just basketball.

So goodbye, Yogi’s - I’ll miss you on return trips to Bloomington, and I hope the town finds a suitable replacement, both in proximity to stadiums and campus, as well as a solid sports bar for people of all ages to enjoy.