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Vince Staples says he wanted to play 4 years of College Basketball at Indiana

In an interview with “The Breakfast Club”, Staples revealed that he had Indiana Basketball aspirations in High School

FYF Fest 2016 - Day 1 Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for FYF

Accomplished rapper and innovator Vince Staples told the public that he wanted to play four years of college basketball at Indiana University, and now I’m mad that he didn’t.

Mr. Staples reveled this information on Wednesday during his interview with “The Breakfast Club”, a popular hip-hop based radio show on Power 105.1 FM. Staples has been all over the media circus promoting his latest project “Big Fish Theory”, an album that has been getting wide range praise.

In the interview, Staples dove into his college basketball aspirations while telling a story about how he had been suspended in high school for wearing a Young Jeezy “Can’t ban the snowman” t-shirt.

Staples went onto explain that he wanted to play college basketball, but never went to college because of the unnecessary suspension. Staples said the following:

“I want to go to college right? I swear when I was a kid I wanted to go to college. I want to go to Indiana or some (expletive)...It ain’t pan out like that, but I was like, I want to go to college, play basketball. You know I’m not trying to go pro my (expletive), but I’m just trying to be one of those four years (expletive). You know [one of those] that does that speech at the end of the season.”

From there, Staples expanded upon the story by discussing how his teacher had ruined his time in High School without good reason, and then he went onto to wish negativity upon her.

The full interview can be seen below and the story can heard at around the 21 minute mark of the video.

Vince Staples had the chance to be an incredible Indiana Basketball player. Staples is known as a unique individual in the music industry, as he doesn’t consume alcohol or partake in any kind of illegal drugs. For that reason, he currently serves as a brand ambassador for Sprite.

Along with his positive approach towards life, Staples is remarkably creative. He could have brought that creativity to the basketball court in a way that could have led the program to great success.

Arguably the most important facet of Staples’ potential college basketball career would have been his choice to spend four years in school. With the current landscape of college basketball, Staples’ loyalty to the program would have been greatly appreciated.

Man, what could have been.