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2017 NBA Draft Grades: Grading every team’s NBA Draft performance

The NBA Draft expert has logged on.

NBA: Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, everyone. I am an NBA Draft expert. You know this because I have the letters “NBA” in my Twitter handle. And you know that I know my stuff because I use terms such as “motor,” “upside,” “3-and-D,” “stretch 4,” “this year’s Tayshaun Prince,” and “wow the Spurs found another gem in the rough, folks.” Yesterday, I watched Draft coverage on three different places from start to finish* and I have done exhaustive research on this year’s eligible players,** so now I am ready to give out my Draft grades. I labored all night on these and had to make some tough decisions. I hope you understand how very tough this was.

* It was on in the background while I was at pub trivia last night.
** I read a couple mock drafts yesterday.

So without further ado, here are my 2017 NBA Draft grades.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Hawks compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division. The team plays its home games at Philips Arena.

Grade: F

Boston Celtics

Danny Ainge traded down from the #1 pick, and not only that, but he couldn’t get any deals done. Not sure what the Celtics were thinking here, even if Jayson Tatum was their pick all along.

Grade: F

Brooklyn Nets

This franchise is in Development Hell until the year 2021 at least. Whoever they drafted (I’m not sure, there were a lot of picks to keep track of, man) may not be around for long.

Grade: F

Charlotte Bobcats

Had the chance to pair Cody Zeller with another Hoosier and passed on it. Can never forgive them for this.

Grade: F

Chicago Bulls



Grade: F

Cleveland Cavaliers

Folks, how could the Cavs have fired their GM is LeBron is still with the organization, am I right?

Grade: F

Dallas Mavericks

Makes no sense to draft a point guard when you’ve already got a perfectly suitable one in Yogi Ferrell.

Grade: F

Denver Nuggets

The Nuggets needed some size and they got that but...

(looks at last year’s standings)

This team is clearly years away from competing in the crowded Western Conference.

Grade: F

Detroit Pistons

Drafted a white guy from Duke, so automatically they’re Trump’s new favorite team.

Grade: F

Golden State Warriors

They’ve only won one title since acquiring Kevin Durant. Need to work on that.

Grade: F

Houston Rockets

Quiet night for these guys. Seems like indifference to me. Don’t like that lackadaisical attitude.

Grade: F

Indiana Pacers



Grade: F

LA Clippers

Who even knows with the Clippers at this point?

Grade: F

LA Lakers

Sure, Lonzo Ball is the perfect combo of need and fit for a Lakers team that’s trying to get back to its Showtime glory days, as long as his obnoxious dad stays out of the picture. But, let’s not look past 42nd pick Thomas Bryant. Bryant can attack the perimeter but also has developed a jump shot, and he’ll be able to help the Lakers stretch the floor. Fantastic pick by Magic here. Last time the Lakers had a Bryant it worked out alright for them too.

Grade: A+++++++++

Memphis Grizzlies

The window seems to be closing with the grit and grind Grizzlies, but regardless, this team has been a fun ride for about a decade now.

Grade: F

Miami Heat

Grade: F

Milwaukee Bucks

OG would have been the perfect addition to a Bucks team with a lot of long athletic players already. Oh well.

Grade: F

Minnesota Timberwolves

Pulled off a draft-day heist to get Jimmy Butler, and are getting a center of the future in Justin Patton to pair with Karl-Anthony Towns in the frontcourt. Can’t be upset about those moves, but in case this doesn’t work out, I will give them a bad grade so that I look like a genius 5 years from now.

Grade: F

New Orleans Pelicans

Man, I gotta write something about all 30 teams? SMH.

Grade: F

New York Knicks

Remember when Phil Jackson was once a well-respected figure around the league?

Grade: F

Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder had a chance to draft another IU guy to join Victor Oladipo but passed on that. Maybe Sam Presti isn’t the genius everyone says he is.

Grade: F

Orlando Magic

Jonathan Isaac could be a great player, but never trust a guy with two first names.

Grade: F

Philadelphia 76ers

What a draft! Sure, trading up for Markelle Fultz was great move, but the real gem to the Sixers’ draft class came in free agent signings, when they signed James Blackmon, Jr. Sure, JBJ needs to work on his defense, but considering the offensive struggles of the Sixers in recent years, you can’t pass up a spot-up shooter like JBJ. Trust the process, baby!

Grade: A+++++++++

Phoenix Suns

Josh Jackson was a great get at 4, but knowing the Suns, he’ll play a few years for a 30-35 win team before becoming disgruntled and being traded to a contender.

Grade: F

Portland Trail Blazers

Will Caleb Swanigan have to face off against Noah Vonleh for playing time?

Grade: F

Sacramento Kings

Might as well rename them the Kentucky Kings at this rate.

Grade: F

San Antonio Spurs

Wow the Spurs found another gem in the rough, folks. Still, I give them an F because one pick alone won’t help them get ahead of the Warriors.

Grade: F

Toronto Raptors

OG Anunoby may be out for part of his rookie year with his torn ACL, but the Raptors got him with a steal at the 23rd pick in this year’s draft. Anunoby has already demonstrated his defensive prowess, has a ton of dunks on his highlight reel already, and if he develops an outside shot, he’s the prototype of what the modern NBA is looking for. Masai Ujiri made a great pick here.

Grade: A+++++++++

Utah Jazz

Grade: F

Washington Wizards

They’ll lose in the conference semis again and everyone in D.C. will shrug and turn their attention to the Skins, per usual.

Grade: F