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Penn State Fans New Favorite Pastime is Hating Indiana

And why the Hoosier Faithful should embrace it.

NCAA Football: Penn State at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently June is Jerk Month out in the Keystone State, as Nittany Lion fans have decided to have a field day with one of our earnest posts that heaped praise on their program’s incoming talent.

The writers of Penn State blog, a well-known mouthpiece of the University itself that is, assuredly, representative of the entire alumni- and fan-base as a whole, took to Twitter to viciously attack and threaten our blog.

Just look at this stuff (NSFW):

Rest assured that CQ Legal is looking into filing charges against anyone with a Penn State degree or sweatshirt. The singular voice of the Nittany Lion community has been heard, and what they’re saying is dangerous and not normal.

The very idea that a fan blog from a different school would express anything other than friendship and civility is revolting to me, a distinguished and honorable blog man. Like any sane person, I would hope that when my team meets another on the field, court, or wherever that both teams could win by a comfortable (but respectable) margin. The internet is no place for jokes or trash talk about sports, much less for a greedy desire to actually be better than another team. Apparently that kind of class isn’t taught at Penn State University.

I’m calling 911 immediately.