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Victor Oladipo’s Top Ten Career Dunks

On his 25th birthday, we look back at Victor Oladipo’s top ten dunks in his young career.

Temple v Indiana Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Honorable Mentions

10. The most worth-while technical ever

9. This dunk sealed what was probably at the time Crean’s biggest win at IU.

8. Oladipo was unstoppable this season and this game

7. Wow a good thing happened to IU at the Big Ten Tournament.

6. I know he had flashier dunks, but this was probably my favorite dunk from Oladipo’s time at IU.

5. No word on if LeBron James attempted to confiscate this tape.

4. It’s such a shame 55 kids were left fatherless after this dunk.

3. Victor Oladipo hates the Atlanta Hawks

2. Guys,

Marius Diller.


1. It doesn’t matter that this didn’t go in. I think about this play at least four times a week so it’s going at the top.