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20 of the best Virginia Cavaliers spoonerisms

Who doesn’t like spoonerisms?

NCAA Football: Virginia at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Hoos will host the Hoosiers on September 9th, so we decided to rank their best spoonerisms on the roster because why not?

Going through a full football roster and spoonerizing (is that a word?) each name can be a bit time consuming, so I went through myself to save you some time and maybe chuckle a little.

20.) Doni Dowling

  • Who doesn’t love a spoonerism that’s the same both normal and spoonerized?

19.) Burt Kentert

  • Ha, Burt.

18.) Calcom Mook

17.) Cester Loleman

16.) Larious Datimore

15.) Muwan Joye

14.) Olamide Zaccheaus

  • This isn’t even a spoonerism, I just thought it was a sweet name.

13.) Pamari Jeacock

12.) Ryles Mobinson

11.) Kicah Miser

  • I think I like the normal name better. Quality spoonerism, however.

10.) Trames Jucilla

9.) Ten Brent

8.) Tambert Ryree

7.) Hen Bogg

  • Animal spoonerisms are fun.

6.) Fake Jieler

  • I’m not sure what or who a Jieler is, but it is fake.

5.) Bole Clackman

4.) Dasise Hubois

3.) Rillion Deinkensmeyer

  • What a dank name.

These final two are special because well...

2.) Haniel Damm

1.) Bichard Rurney