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Indiana football week two preview: UVA’s Freshman Class

For only the third time ever, IU will face off against the University of Virginia in Charlottesville to start their non-conference slate

Virginia v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

After facing off against what should be a challenging Ohio State squad that has one of the top incoming freshman classes in the nation, the Hoosiers will have a seemingly easier follow up against Virginia.

According to 247Sports, Virginia has no five-star or even four-star recruits but has 23 three-star recruits and two two-star recruits. As a result, this ranks UVA 56th nationally and 12th in the ACC for their 2017 class.

The Cavaliers will need all the help that they can get for next season. Virginia has been on a three-year slide with virtual hit at rock bottom last season which only saw UVA win two games.

That help will come from the likes of some nationally ranked players...


OT Ryan Nelson

Nelson is an offensive tackle all the way from Buena Park, California. Nelson is the 56th best OT in the nation and the 50th best player in the state of California. Nelson also had offers from Big Ten schools Nebraska and Northwestern.

OLB Zane Zandier

No, not Zander like the Diamont, Zandier. The two-way player had a solid senior season at Jefferson High School in Clairton, PA.

Zandier had exactly 900 receiving yards on 44 receptions in his senior year. On the flip side, Zandier tallied 35 tackles during the season. Zandier also was recruited, but not offered, by Penn State.

WR Shawn Smith

It’s interesting to see some of the schools that Smith turned down to go to Virginia. Smith had offers to play at Florida, Auburn, and Georgia while also having some interest from Louisville and Clemson.

The Brunswick, Georgia native is the 61st-best player in Georgia and in the top 600 overall nationally.

CB Germane Crowell

Like Smith, Germane Crowell also had notable schools offering him in recruitment. Crowell had offers from the likes of Penn State, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Georgia, and Florida. The most surprising team he passed on was Wake Forest, which is in Winston Salem where Crowell is from.

Crowell ranks 20th overall in the state of North Carolina.


Looking through some of these top Cavalier recruits, it’s difficult to find much that impresses. Of UVA’s nationally ranked players, none of them are in the top 500. Hopefully the Cavs can find another way to bounce back from last years abysmal 2-10 record.