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Zander Diamont gets inducted into the IU Jewish Sports Wall of Fame

Zander joins football Recruiting Coordinator Noah Joseph and Indiana Baseball’s Ryan Fineman on the IU Jewish Sports Wall of Fame.

Zander Diamont has had an exciting career at Indiana. Many took note of his electrifying moments on the field, but off the field Zander’s religious background often went unnoticed. Usually, as a society we tend to try to separate religion and politics. It’s a justified practice, but when an individual comes from such an underrepresented background, it’s important to at least acknowledge and appreciate it.

That is why Zander Diamont recently joined Indiana football Recruiting Coordinator Noah Joseph and Indiana Baseball’s Ryan Fineman on the IU Jewish Sports Wall of Fame.

“Football being an American game, it’s rooted in a lot of Christianity,” said Diamont. “Over the course of my career, I haven’t been around a lot of Jewish athletes, so I take pride in the fact that I’m Jewish and I get to do something for the Jewish community.”

Diamont has never shied away from his Judaism in the past, and this is what makes him a strong role model for those of the Jewish faith.

This past Sunday, Diamont attended the Indiana University Hillel to accept not only his honor, but also his responsibility as a role model.

“It’s obviously a really big honor,” said Diamont. “I had a similar award in High School, being in the the California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, so to get similar recognition here at Indiana is a really big honor. I’m proud to represent the Jewish student body in this way.”

Diamont wasn’t the only individual to speak at the event, as Coach Noah Joseph also accepted his place on the wall.

IU Football Coach Noah Joseph addresses those in attendance and discusses the importance of religion in his life.

“This is a great honor,” said Coach Joseph. “Two things have defined me since I can remember. One, Sports and two, probably most importantly Judaism. To be able to come here to Hillel and combine the two is very meaningful.”

Joseph expanded on those sentiments by expressing how he has been involved in the Jewish community at Indiana University.

“I remember I got hired here after Presidents day, and one of the first things I got to do was come here for Passover,” said Coach Joseph.

The honor is obviously quite unique for both Joseph and Diamont. Diamont hasn’t been a stranger to unique situations, as he has previously discussed his recent job at Kilroy’s, his involvement in “The Z Package”, and his inability to get an autograph from Matt Leinart as a kid.

The honor is a unique one and it is also a somewhat surprising one.

“Definitely not something I expected,” said Diamont. “I didn’t even know this was a Wall of Fame until I became a part of the Wall of Fame.”