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Tom Allen shows off elite athleticism, bodyslams BTN’s Mike Hall

Tom Allen ain’t nothing to mess with

Foster Farms Bowl - Utah v Indiana Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Mike Hall of Big Ten Network paid a visit to IU’s campus yesterday to film a piece for his show Sports Lite, which will air its second season this fall. He then made the unfortunate mistake of challenging Tom Allen to a wrestling match, which ended with Hall flat on his back and Tom Allen, our fearless leader, victorious. Allen showcased his ageless athleticism with a textbook bodyslam onto his couch cushions in the coach’s office.

Hall also spent some time with football players Rashard Fant, Donnie Hale, and Simmie Cobbs. The group went head-to-head in trashketball, showcased their dance moves, and played blindfolded Pictionary. Simmie Cobbs also showed off a pretty smooth jump shot on the Assembly Hall court, seen in the video below.