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Spring Game Recap: QB competition brewing?

Tom Allen and the Hoosiers held their annual Spring Game with a little help from special guest Jon Gruden

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images


Understand this is a Football Game in April. There are still a lot of things that can happen between now and August 31 when IU takes on Ohio State for the home opener. So please take everything with a grain of salt and don’t freak out. Now...on to the notes.

The Hurry-Up offense actually feels like a Hurry-Up offense

One of the main complaints about Kevin Wilson’s offense last year was that it didn’t take full advantage of utilizing a hurry-up offense by spending a too much time readjusting when set. However, this offense’s snap speed has been upgraded by keeping time wasted to a minimum when getting ready to snap the ball.

Richard Lagow looked like...Richard Lagow.

While Richard Lagow can toss the pig skin with some heat, he still has accuracy issues that were seen in 2016. I was a bit concerned to see minimal progression from the JuCo transfer but then again, there is still a lot of time to fix this issue, and he’ll have two factors that could affect this.

Simmie Simmie Simmie, can’t you see

After completing his first play from scrimmage in 2016, Simmie Cobbs, Jr. missed all of 2016 with a torn ACL. But the redshirt junior is back and looking better than ever. Cobbs and Nick Westbrook could be a dangerous wide receiver tandem in the Big Ten. His skills will definitely assist Lagow...if Lagow can keep his job.

Peyton Ramsey, the next Zander?

The QB that impressed me the most was redshirt freshman Peyton Ramsey. Ramsey, a Cincinnati native, looked like Zander Diamont out there with his blazing speed. Combine it with the decent arm that he possesses, and that gets you a QB competition. Maybe this will motivate Lagow to prove himself, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Don’t forget about the other side of the ball

Remember, the man who drastically improved the defense’s numbers last year is now the head coach and that defense still runs well. The defense tonight looked just as good as last year’s with shutting down runs up the middle and even snagging a few interceptions. However, DB Rashard Fant went down during the game but was able to walk off the field under his own power, no report has come out on his injury.

Jon Gruden was there

The special guest for the Cream & Crimson Guest was none other than famed Spider 2 Y Banana specialist Jon Gruden, whose father was an assistant at IU in the late 70s. I’m not exactly sure what he did but he was there, that’s about all I got.

Finally, just enjoy the football while you can

Before we binge on NBA and NHL playoffs for a couple months, it was nice to be reminded of what comes after all that in the Fall. So don’t get too worked up about this game. Now, go watch Lance Stephenson try and blow on LeBron’s ear again.