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Someone made a Brad Stevens to Indiana Adele music video and it’s the saddest thing on the internet

Brad Stevens is not coming to Indiana. Please stop this.

As of this moment, Tom Crean is Indiana’s basketball coach. He may be the coach after this season concludes! He might not be! His coaching fate at Indiana is a weird, well-litigated topic and really unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in college basketball. If you buy the speculation, it might end up with him vaulting out of Bloomington on his own — possibly taking another job at a school like Missouri, perhaps.

Brad Stevens almost assuredly will not be Indiana’s basketball coach next season. He’s a very successful NBA coach of a good team with lots of upside in the future. He makes lots of money. He seems to like his job. There’s no reason to believe he’d entertain leaving that job for to coach the Indiana Hoosiers.

Still, some of y’all are undeterred!

Someone’s created a Facebook and Twitter page entitled “Help Us Brad Stevens” to promote some sort of movement to get Brad Stevens to return to Indiana to take the IU job. They’re making videos. They are very, very, very, very sad.

Here’s one featuring Adele’s Hello music video, Fred Glass, Tom Crean, and of course, Brad Stevens.

I am so tired. But there’s more. Here’s a True Detective scene.

A Lincoln car commercial normally featuring Matthew McConaughey — with Brad Stevens.

And this, which should win an Academy Award or something.

This could all pass as some sort of hilarious lols and gags like we do here at CQ! Cool, fine! Until you realize someone’s PAYING FOR FACEBOOK ADS TO PROMOTE THIS CAMPAIGN.

Y’all need help.