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Adidas unveils new Indiana basketball uniforms for Big Ten Tournament

The new “Create Yours” looks will feature candy-striped kicks and a different jersey font for the Big Ten Tournament and beyond.

When the Big Ten Tournament gets underway this week in Washington, DC (eyeroll), your Indiana Hoosiers will have fresh new uniforms and kicks thanks to that big, sweet, fairly-new Adidas money contract.

Adidas dropped the new “Create Yours” look today — which will be worn by the men’s and women’s teams through the rest of the season. The biggest attraction in the muted look for Indiana compared to other programs comes with the kicks— which will feature a candy-stripe sole that makes for a pretty danged cool look.

We’re still waiting on the full release from Indiana and more close up pictures, but it looks as if these jerseys feature a slightly different font than the normal IU rags.

Will the Hoosiers get to wear these after this week? Well, maybe.