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Big Ten basketball coach spoonerisms, ranked


NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

In anticipation for the Big Ten Tournament, it’s time to rank teams based on their most important quality.

Coach name spoonerisms.

These rankings are final and I will not allow any disagreements. Thanks.

  1. Mad Thatta
  2. Patt Mainter
  3. Tark Murgeon
  4. Chat Pambers
  5. Pichard Ritino
  6. Peve Stikiell
  7. Bohn Jeilein
  8. Crom Tean
  9. Mim Tiles
  10. Gron Joce
  11. Geg Grard
  12. Man FrcCaffery
  13. Ciss Chrollins
  14. Iom Tzzo