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Eight Hoosiers to participate at Indiana’s Pro Day

Indiana Football has been quietly churning out NFL talent over the past few years. This year could be one of the largest classes of talent.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana Football will be hosting its pro day this Friday, March 31st. The event should serve as an opportunity for various NFL Scouts to get a look at the potential talent leaving Bloomington. With eight Hoosiers competing on Friday, this year’s class of NFL talent could be one of the largest for program.

The number of talent competing speaks to the continued development of the Indiana Football program. The ability to cherish talent and prepare it for the NFL is vital to the direction this program wants to go.

The full list of participants includes Dimitric Camiel, Dan Feeney, Ralph Green, Ricky Jones, Clyde Newton, Marcus Oliver, Mitchell Paige, and Devine Redding.

Both Ricky Jones and Devine Redding have spoken about their NFL work ethic in the past, and a lot of that work ethic seems to come from how the coaching staff at Indiana pushed them.

The biggest stand out on Friday should be Dan Feeney. According to CBS Sports, Feeney is the second best guard in the draft. His talent should bring a wide range of scouts, which in turn could be helpful for everyone else working out at pro day. This includes those that are really just trying to get drafted, such as Mitchell Paige and Ricky Jones.

We all will soon see which of these players can join Jordan Howard and Tevin Coleman in the NFL.