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Five Quick Questions: Reaction to Archie Miller's hiring from a guy who knows more than us

SB Nation blog Mid-Major Madness writer Chris Schutte answered five quick questions about the hiring of Archie Miller.

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If you haven't read Mid-Major Madness, the SB Nation blog that covers all mid-major basketball, what are you doing with your life?

It's good content, Bront.

We sat down emailed with Chris Schutte (@ChrisSchutte3) to ask him about his reaction to the Archie Miller hiring, his answers below!

First off: what was your reaction to the hire? Were you of the mind that Indiana should have sought a more proven commodity or is this a gamble worth taking?

I think that given the available candidates that they could have realistically hired, he was the best one that Indiana could have made. I personally love the move, but there’s always some skepticism when you hire the mid-major flavor of the month. Given how quickly Archie built Dayton into a program that regularly makes the NCAA Tournament, I think it’s a risk worth taking, and I think he has a chance to grow into one of the best coaches in the country.

How do you think Archie will fare recruiting-wise in the state?

I’m admittedly not a recruiting expert, so this is my biggest question mark for him. Steve McElvene was the only Indiana prospect he brought in during his time at Dayton, but I’m sure he has some sort of foundation with the area coaches from all the time he’s spent in the Midwest. I think he’s going to put a big emphasis on recruiting in-state from the start, and hopefully he can regularly bring in the state’s best talent.

Dayton’s defensive prowess under Archie is well-known, but what can you tell us about his offense?

It won’t be the three-point bombing offense that Tom Crean ran, but his team’s try to push the pace when possible, and actually had the same adjusted tempo rating on KenPom this year. He likes to use three guards, or at least three ball handlers most of the time to try and score in transition, and settles into a motion offense if there isn’t an opportunity on the break. He emphasizes getting to the free throw line too, so that will be a welcome change for Hoosier fans.

What are your expectations for the Hoosiers in Archie’s first year?

The Indiana fan in me is screaming BANNER SIX, but it’s hard to project without knowing how much roster turnover there will be. I think his time as an assistant at Ohio State and Arizona will go a long way in terms of knowing how a major program like Indiana operates. If he’s able to keep a lot of the roster intact and sway the recruits to get back on board, I think he should have enough talent to succeed. Indiana fans should temper their expectations for the first year (they won’t), but I think a decent showing in the Big Ten and an NCAA Tournament birth is reasonable. Let’s go with 22 wins and 11-7 in the Big Ten for now.

Do you think Archie could beat you up?

He’d beat me up so fast you couldn’t even say "This is Arch" before the fight was over.