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Tom Crean came to Assembly Hall for a women’s game the day after being replaced as Indiana’s coach

Less than 24 hours after Archie Miller was named to replace him, Tom Crean is back in Assembly Hall supporting Teri Moren and the Indiana Women’s basketball team.

After being released from the program last week, it would be perfectly reasonable for Tom Crean to disappear from the public eye in Bloomington. It would be reasonable, and probably expected.

But, even after everything, it still seems there’s a special place in Tom’s heart for Assembly Hall and Bloomington.

Today, Crean defied expectations and showed up support to Teri Moren and the Indiana Women’s Basketball team, watching the game from the corner baseline in a gray unmarked sweatshirt — a noted change of course from his usual IU sweatsuits.

It is already known that Tom Crean and Teri Moren had a great relationship together, as Moren showed her support for Crean after he was fired.

Moren has referred to Crean as a friend in the past, and she has made mention of the fact that he provided her advice throughout her time at Indiana.

Crean’s actions today were incredibly respectable and surprising. He should be commended for showing support at a time in which many wouldn’t be able to.