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A security guard kinda scooped everyone on the Archie Miller-to-Indiana story

Remember when NC State alum Archie Miller was a candidate for the opening at his alma mater? Well, sounds like someone knew all along.

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Coaching searches are wild goose chases. Indiana’s is now finally resolved, but it wasn’t before a week and a half’s worth of rumors — from Steve Alford, to Billy Donovan, to Chris Mack, and everything in between.

National media members and pay-sites seemed to buy into the Alford smoke early, though this blog was able to trace those back to his own camp. But, really, Archie Miller wasn’t a big time favorite in anyone’s mind throughout the coaching search. It was Mack, Alford, Donovan, and Tony Bennett grabbing the headlines.

So, perhaps, who knew?

A North Carolina Central beat writer — who talked to a security guard during the first four in Dayton 10 days ago.

Security guards, man.

What a wild, wild week.