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Indiana coaching search: Billy Donovan probably didn’t visit Bloomington yesterday, right?

With Indiana’s coaching search still up in the air, Billy Donovan reportedly flew into Monroe County. He also reportedly didn’t.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Everyday it seems as if there is a new rumored head coach of Indiana basketball. Yesterday, those rumors were as chaotic as ever.

According to Justin Albers, Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Billy Donovan flew into Monroe County yesterday to visit Indiana and discuss the current coaching vacancy.

Albers’ full report states the following:

Oklahoma City Thunder coach Billy Donovan was in Bloomington today to meet with Indiana regarding its open coaching position, multiple sources told me this afternoon.

Donovan flew into Monroe County Airport on a Cessna Citation jet with his wife and two other men, the sources said. The Thunder are off until Sunday when they visit the Houston Rockets in a nationally-televised game.

Donovan was back in Oklahoma City in time for Thunder practice this afternoon.

Albers was the only individual to report Donovan’s appearance in Bloomington. Prior to the report, there had been rumors about Donovan’s potential interest in the job.

With Fred Glass stating previously that he would look at NBA coaches as candidates, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that Donovan is an option.

After the report, we quickly saw a shift in the narrative. A shift that focused upon various individuals denying Albers’ original report.

First there was Brett Dawson of the The Oklahoman. Dawson reported that Donovan was not in Bloomington at all yesterday.

Dylan Buckingham furthered that sentiment by sending out a photo of Billy Donovan at a Russell Westbrook charity event and stating that Donovan had been with the Thunder all day.

Finally, Royce Young of ESPN addressed the report by quite simply saying it wasn’t true.

After it was acknowledged that Donovan wasn’t in Bloomington, reports of Donovan’s actual interest in the job started to come in. According to Andy Katz of ESPN, Rick Pitino believes that Billy Donovan has no interest in any college jobs.

Donovan played point guard for Pitino at Providence and then served on his staff as an assistant coach at Kentucky.

Lastly, Brett Dawson then doubled down on his previous sentiment, reporting that Billy Donovan hasn’t been contacted by Indiana.

As a result of conflicting reports, we now have more questions than ever before. Without any established time table for a coaching decision, those questions could remain unanswered for an extended period of time.