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Report: OG Anunoby is leaning towards going to the NBA

Arguably the most impactful player on Indiana’s roster this past season is thinking about heading for the NBA draft.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the search of a new basketball coach for the Indiana Hoosiers still ongoing, Gary Parrish of CBS has reported that OG Anunoby is leaning towards going to the NBA.

Anunoby was limited to just 16 games this season before suffering a devastating knee injury both for himself and the team against Penn State on January 18th just as the first half ended. In those 16 games, he averaged 11 PPG and 5.4 RPG, but OG was much more than stats.

OG brought the intangibles to the floor. He was a nightmare for opposing offenses with his 7’6” wingspan and freakishly athletic 6’8” body. Both of which are why he is being so sought after in the NBA. Offensively, Anunoby is still raw, but defensively he has it all.

After Anunoby’s injury there was a lot of speculation as to whether or not his draft stock would slide. Some draft sites automatically pushed him to next years mock draft. Others, however, are still high on OG.

As of March 20th, Ricky O’Donnel of SB Nation had Anunoby going as the 16th pick in the draft to the Detroit Pistons. Draft Express puts Anunoby just one spot below in the 17th spot going to the Milwaukee Bucks. Whomever lands Anunoby (if he does decide to leave) is taking chance, but there is major upside in that risk.

Indiana will surely miss him when he is gone as we all saw in the remaining 18 games after his injury.