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Scott Van Pelt weighs in on Indiana’s coaching situation

Nearly everyone in the national eye has expressed their thoughts on IU’s coaching situation. Scott Van Pelt brought his own perspective to the matter.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Indiana University’s dismissal of Tom Crean as its head coach is not only a big deal to those in the state of Indiana, but also in the national eye. This stems directly from the level of importance Indiana has in regards to the landscape of college basketball as a whole.

Indiana is a major program and anything it does is going to face national scrutiny. This is why we have seen so many provide their opinions on the matter, and Scott Van Pelt recently joined in on the fun.

Here’s SVP’s “One Big Thing” from the day of Crean’s firing:

Van Pelt is a Maryland alum that has learned to appreciate the Big Ten and its nuances. As you can see in the video, he understands the move from Indiana’s perspective, but is also hesitant to call it the right one.

Van Pelt also takes note of the potential candidates to take the job after Crean.