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Indiana AD Fred Glass declined NIT home game because he didn’t want to “devalue” Assembly Hall

Fred Glass spoke to Kent Sterling on his radio show today about the decision to decline an NIT home game. Glass pointed directly to the value of Assembly Hall.

NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

After declining to host an NIT game yesterday, many have been left to question the reasoning of Athletic Director Fred Glass.

The first explanation came from ESPN, as we were told that Assembly Hall would be under renovations.

This was quickly corrected by Indiana’s Athletic Department, as the reasoning shifted to timing. Since the game was going to be played during spring break, the program didn’t want to host a game without students in town.

It’s important to note that 10 other NIT schools will be hosting games during spring break.

Now, it appears as if the reasoning for moving the game has changed once again. Today on Kent Sterling’s radio show, Fred Glass addressed the situation.

“Assembly Hall is iconic,” said Glass. “You’ve gotta be careful not to devalue it.”

The comments are interesting, as Indiana has hosted NIT games in the past. The comments are also intriguing because of the nature of some of the home games Indiana has already hosted this season.

Games at home against Houston Baptist, Southeast Missouri, and Mississippi Valley State make for a fun argument against the value of an NIT game.

With all of this said, the story of why Indiana isn’t hosting an NIT game may continue to grow over the next few days. As explanations continue to change, we will have you covered on all that develops.