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Indiana’s Thomas Bryant: Tom Crean is “my guy”

After Indiana’s loss to Wisconsin on Friday, Thomas Bryant was presented with the opportunity to speak about Tom Crean.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Indiana vs Wisconsin Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

With Indiana’s NCAA Tournament hopes seemingly curtailed after its loss to Wisconsin on Friday, various players were put on the spot to have rapid reactions after the game.

Inside The Hall grabbed video of most player reactions, and one of the more noticeable reaction’s came from Thomas Bryant.

Bryant was asked about the job status of Coach Tom Crean, to which he had a very adamant response.

“Coach Crean is my guy,” said Bryant. “I’m gonna stick by him each day throughout anything. We that he wont give up on us, and he knows that we won’t give up on him so all that Coach Crean stuff I’m not answering. You guys already know my answer with that one.”

The video of his statements can be found below courtesy of Inside The Hall, as Bryant answers the question at the 1:30 mark of the video.

With the season coming to an end, and the Hoosiers failing to meet the expectations of many, speculation about Tom Crean’s job status will most likely be at the forefront of most Indiana Basketball discussions in the near future.

When speculation like that arises, it’s always important to try and see how the players feel about the situation. Here, Thomas Bryant was quick to show his feelings about Coach Crean.