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EMERGENCY Big Ten power rankings: Everyone is bad!

As always, a complete and thorough ranking of all 14 Big Ten teams.

There’s been quite a bit of Big Ten hoops action tonight! Time to get everyone caught up with a thorough ranking of the teams in the conference.

14. Rutger

Still bad! Still won’t include the S in their name despite how mad people get! Did get their first Big Ten road win ever though!

14. Nebraska

Bad! But they are 2-0 against teams in the state of Indiana!

14. Ohio State

Thad is Mad and they are Bad!

14. Illinois

Beat Northwestern on the road! Still bad though!

14. Penn State

So bad they lost at home to Rutger! Yeah they beat Maryland somehow!

14. Minnesota

At least we thought they were good for a while!

14. Iowa

Bad, yet have a winning record in the conference somehow!

14. Indiana

With Notre Dame out of the rankings, the Hoosiers now the only B1G team with a win against a ranked non-conference team.

Indiana is still bad though.

14. Michigan State

Just got smoked in Crisler Center. Good thing this hasn’t happened to any other Big Ten team this year!

14. Michigan

If only the Wolverines played every game at home against coaches named Tom...

14. Northwestern

Dropped a very winnable game at home against Illinois tonight. Their NCAA chances still seem fine but that doesn’t help.

14. Maryland

We’re just about at the time of the season where people start to realize the Terps may not be as good as their record indicates.

14. Purdue

The Boilers may have the best chance of any Big Ten team to make a postseason run.

And yet they lost at home to Minnesota and on the road to both Iowa and Nebraska.

14. Wisconsin

A top-10 team, but still almost lost at home to an Indiana team that literally never wins in Madison no matter how good they are, and had Blackmon still missing.