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Indiana’s Nate Jackson has 100 career wins and a championship mentality

Indiana wrestler Nate Jackson is an incredible IU athlete that nobody seems to talk about. That’s a problem.

Courtesy IU Athletics

Indiana’s Nate Jackson is one of the most driven and accomplished athletes at Indiana University. He has said in the past that he only really trains for one tournament, and that is the NCAA Championship. With that said, Jackson has won quite a few matches on his way to that tournament.

Over 100 matches to be exact.

Earlier on this month, Senior Nate Jackson earned his 100th career victory with a 9-6 decision over #12 Emery Parker of Illinois. The victory is Jackson's seventh of the season against a top-20 opponent and now Jackson can proudly say that he is the first Hoosier to complete an entire dual meet season without a loss since 2011-2012.

Jackson’s 100th career win comes as no surprise to those around him, as Jackson has always displayed a remarkable work ethic from the moment he got to campus. Nate Jackson, a father of three, has handled wrestling, classes, and parenting all while establishing himself as a leader by example.

“He can be a national champion this year, and he’s already an All-American, so that’s something to look up to,” said fellow IU wrestler Bryce Martin.

Jackson’s impressive senior year comes after a long list of accomplishments in his junior year.

Jackson finished his junior year as an NCAA All-American and reached the NCAA semifinals before falling by one point to Bo Nickal of Penn State. Jackson of course had a great year, but heading into this postseason, Jackson has higher aspirations.

“Even though I was an All-American, I make sure to let everyone know I haven’t reached my expectations,” said Jackson.

With the potential to reach those expectations still looming, Jackson will be competing in the Big Ten Tournament on March 4th, and then the NCAA Tournament starting on March 16th.

Jackson isn’t the only member of the Hoosier wrestling team with high expectations, as Jackson’s closest friend on the team Elijah Oliver also expects to make a postseason run.

“I want to win a national championship,” said Oliver according to the Indiana Daily Student. “Not necessarily trying not to lose, but going out there and dominating every match. I can’t go another season without placing at a tournament.”

Both Oliver and Jackson should be intersting to watch moving forward.