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Indiana’s Ricky Jones Jr. has NFL dreams and a work ethic to back it up

Former IU receiver Ricky Jones Jr. loves gummy worms, hates seeing Kevin Wilson join the enemy, and knows he can play in the NFL.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

This past Monday, former IU wide receiver Ricky Jones joined “The Tall Trio” on WIUX. Jones provided updates on his current training regimen and discussed his feelings regarding the program.

To open the interview, Ricky Jones Jr. started by revealing that he was training for the draft with former teammate Kofi Hughes.

“We’ve been killing it man,” said Jones.

Jones elaborated on his decision to work with Hughes by referencing that Kofi spent a year in the NFL, so he knows what it takes to make it. Jones also made sure to refer to him as a brother. A brother that is legitimately insane, working Jones as hard as possible.

When discussing what it’s like to train for individual pro day workouts, Jones simply said he was focused on giving coaches what they want to see.

With that said, when asked about his 40 time, Jones kept things hushed.

“Man that’s a secret,” said Jones.

After diving into his workout plans, Jones was reminded of a little anecdote from his freshman year. Jones was reminded of the time he had been asked about what he would change with the NCAA. In his freshman year, Jones answered the professor’s question by saying that football players should be able to enter the NFL after High School.

Once Jones was reminded of the anecdote, he made sure to tell listeners that IU has humbled him.

Jones said he doesn’t think it would be that great an idea. High school kids aren’t physically or mentally ready.

He then said he was a naïve kid walking on campus thinking he was going to be the best to touch that IU field. He was taught that mindset won’t get you far once he saw receivers like Shane Wynn and Cody Latimer.

From that anecdote, Jones went on to talk about Kevin Wilson’s move to Ohio State.

“Man that was a nasty feeling in my stomach when I saw that,” said Jones. “He joined the enemy. With all those close games we had. Man I’m glad I’m not in college anymore.”

Jones then went on to discuss IU’s mentality towards facing Ohio State next season.

“The team’s going to have a chip on their shoulder,” said Jones. “They have something to fight for. They have a different desire and an edge.”

Later on in the interview, Jones discussed why he can be a difference maker in the NFL.

“Watch the film and watch how hard I go,” said Jones. “On plays where I don’t even have the ball, I go hard doing whatever the team needs.”

After listening to the interview in its entirety, it’s clear that this man has the mentality to make the jump to the NFL.

You can hear the full interview below. “The Tall Trio” plan to have a similar interview with Ralph Green III tonight at 6:45pm on WIUX 99.1FM or at