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Grab your Pork-T’s and Busch Light because we’re off to redundant city with the #1 CQ writer from the Hawkeye State

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports


What is an Iowa City , Iowa?

Iowa City, Iowa is home to one of the former capitals of the state of Iowa. That means that many important 1800s Iowa decisions were made such as “How do we make even more corn?” and “What can we do with all of this pork tenderloin?”. Eventually the capital moved to Des Moines but not before starting up the University of Iowa in 1847. When the capital made its move to Des Moines some of the locals believe a curse was set on the old capital building. The curse being that the football team would be in a perennial state of 7-5 and never had strong enough performances to progress upwards or weak enough performances to fire the current longest tenured head coach in football.

Are there any famous folks from Iowa?

Of Course! While there aren’t many strictly from Iowa City, there are still plenty to choose from. This list includes:

  • John Wayne, Winterset
  • Ashton Kutcher, Cedar Rapids, and famed U of Iowa drop out as well
  • Tom Arnold, Ottumwa, you know, the guy who married Roseanne!
  • Johnny Carson, Corning, of course we got a town named Corning
  • David Johnson, Clinton, the worst smelling town in America!
  • Kurt Warner, Burlington, remember folks: he played arena football too
(Side note: I did not know there was a Kurt Warner Arena Football PS game and now I must go out and find it)

Visiting Iowa City

How the heck do I even get to Iowa City?

While this information may not be important now since IU is playing at home for this one, they will play the Hawkeyes again in February so stick this info in your back pocket until then.

Now it’s pretty simple, head towards Indianapolis and hop on I-74 West and proceed to do nothing for the next five hours. Maybe stop at the Univeristy of Illinois, Illinois State, or Bradley University if you feel like it because those are the three major stops along the way. You’ll know when you’ve reached Iowa when you cross a river, an important river I might add, THE MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI RIVER FOLKS.

Once you cross that big river you will have arrived at this writer’s home town, but trust me, there isn’t much to do, keep driving and switch from I-74 to I-80 West.

But make sure you make one last pit stop before Iowa City at THE WORLD’S LARGEST TRUCK STOP.

Y’all laugh but trust me this is honestly a clean place so hey, don’t knock it til you try it.

Once you’re past that you will finally end up in Iowa City!

Now that I’m in Iowa City, what fun things are there to do?

Well, for our older readers, one fun game is to go into one of the many bars Iowa City has to offer at around 10:15 local time. Then at 10:30 ICPD will show up and try and bust underage drinkers and you will get to see a bunch of teenagers panic which is always pretty funny.


Is Iowa any good?

Nah, they’re super young, but knowing IU it’s going to be a much closer game than it should be.