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Could Nate Sudfeld save the Eagles this season?

The Indiana alum may get a shot to play on Sunday. This Philly fan is all in.

New Era Pinstripe Bowl - Duke v Indiana

As you may know from my tweets or my Hater’s Guide from a couple years ago, I’m not only an IU fan but also a Philly sports fan. And of all the Philly sports teams, the Eagles are the one that I care most about right now.

Sadly, starting QB Carson Wentz, who was being mentioned as an MVP candidate, tore his ACL a few weeks ago against the Rams. For an Eagles team that was 10-2 and seemed to be having its best year since the 2004 NFC title team, this was an incredible shot to the gut.

With Wentz gone, Nick Foles has come in as backup and did a serviceable job in his first game. But on Monday night, despite getting the win against Oakland thanks to defensive heroics, Foles wasn’t too hot, throwing only 163 yards with a touchdown and a pick. Luckily, the Eagles have sewn up homefield for the NFC playoffs. But they do still have one more meaningless regular season game against the trash Dallas Cowboys, who are a trash franchise and won’t be in the playoffs because Jerry Jones is too busy being buddies with Trump than caring about how his team is doing. (Don’t get me started on Dez Bryant or Zeke Elliott either.)

Anyway, Foles’ backup is no other than Nate Sudfeld, the former Hoosier QB.

And with the game not meaning a thing, then why not give Sudfeld some reps on Sunday? Head Coach Doug Pederson seems to think it’s a possibility.

If it doesn’t go well, then so be it.

But... what if it does?

I’ve seen other IU players make it to the Super Bowl before. Antwaan Randle El of course got to throw a pass on a trick play to help the Steelers win in 2006, and I will never, ever, ever forgive Brain Genius Kyle Shanahan for blowing that 28-3 Falcons lead and causing Tevin Coleman to miss out a Super Bowl ring.

However, this is the dream scenario right here for me as an Eagles fan. Not only would my favorite NFL team be winning playoff games, but they’d be led by a Hoosier. I think anyone who saw Sudfeld play at IU between 2012-15 knows he has the arm strength to lead an NFL team. But off the bench in the playoffs? Against some of the top defenses? I realize it’s a tall order, but Nate Sudfeld once led IU to a bowl game back in 2015, when the IU defense consisted of Tegray Scales and 10 invisible players. So it’s not impossible.

I get that Foles is the guy at the moment, but after Monday’s performance, nothing needs to be set in stone.

So that being said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Sudfeld a shot on Sunday to see what he’s got. And who knows - he might just save this Philly dream season after all.