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Maryland will wear special homecoming uniforms for their game against Indiana. Let’s roast them.

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Under Armour is at it again.

Maryland Football/Twitter

Back in August, Maryland revealed some homecoming uniforms that are, well, very yellow.

Well, this weekend is Maryland’s homecoming, and they’re facing off against Indiana in an important battle for sixth place in the Big Ten East. And the Terps will be wearing these yellow-and-gray uniforms.

Over at Testudo Times, the Maryland SB Nation blog, fans seem divided about this look:

The uniform is a throwback to 1940s Maryland uniforms, and is part of the celebration for the 125th anniversary of Maryland football. And since Maryland is the flagship school for Under Armour (whose founder Kevin Plank is a proud Terps alum and booster and basically East Coast Phil Knight), this gives the school a chance to debut even more new unis and sell some more merch.

But since we as IU fans will have to see these on the field for 3.5 hours on Saturday, we’ve decided to roast these uniforms. Here are our best contributions:

“They look like the the default uniforms in an unlicensed football game for the iPhone, and you have to play either play 40 hours and see 400 ads to get new ones or pay them $5.99.”

“They look like if Michigan got new uniforms and they sucked.”

“They look like something the AAA-affiliate of the Pittsburgh Steelers would wear.”

“They look like replica jerseys for a professional lacrosse team.”

“They look like a video game where you haven't unlocked those pants yet.”

“They look like men's one-piece swimsuits from 1918.”

“They look like the offspring of Charlie Brown and Pigpen.”

“They look like the leader of the Tour de France put on shoulder pads.”

“Powerpoint template lookin-ass uniforms”

“They look like a UA Executive asked his 6-year-old to design a uniform and only gave him a yellow crayon and a pencil.”

“They look like the uniform they put on a model so they can CGI in all the different options later.”

“They look like an early 2000s Coldplay song.”

“School crossing sign-ass uniforms”

“Uniforms lookin like got damn jockey silks”

“They look like police tape... Caution: do not wear these.”

“Heinz mustard ass lookin jersey”

Maryland will play Indiana at 3:30pm on BTN. Adjust the color on your screens accordingly. Feel free to add your own uniform roasts in the comments.