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Seems like Romeo Langford and Darius Garland had a good time at Indiana. Hmm!


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This past weekend’s Hoosier Hysteria saw Indiana host a slew of recruits, some committed players for 2018 like Rob Phinisee and Damezi Anderson, others in later classes. But most notably, this was a weekend about Romeo Langford and Darius Garland.

I’ll leave my opinions about Hoosier Hysteria aside (it’s a basketball practice during football season that I don’t care about, y’all do y’all) — but if you’re reading into the often-cryptic recruiting reports around Langford & Garland’s weekend in Bloomington, well, it’s good news if you’re an Indiana fans.

You could link any smattering of these reports, but we’ll go with Zach Osterman’s chat with Garland’s father and Alex Bozich of ITH’s chat with Romeo Langford’s dad Tim.

From Winston Garland, a Gary native who was recruited by Bob Knight, on his son’s trip:

“The visit was absolutely the best,” Winston Garland said. “Had a chance to see them practice, and I totally understand why coach Miller’s teams, they rank amongst the best on the defensive end. It was super intense. Even though he had some guys out due to injury, it was still a really good practice.”

And here’s Tim Langford:

“We’d gone to a couple of Hoosier Hysterias before. Last night, it was electrifying,” Langford’s father, Tim, told Inside the Hall on Sunday. “It was good, to be honest with you. It was a special feeling, it was a good feeling. I was surprised. We really didn’t expect that.

“You normally just go sit in the bleachers. We’d never walked over the court to go sit down or actually sat on the front row. It was very exciting. New Albany holds 4,000. To have that many in there cheering for Romeo, it was a good feeling. And I can speak for the whole family, too. That was the first time that something like that has really happened. It was great.”

That all sounds great, but lots of Polite Recruiting Dads say nice things about the schools that entertain them after visits. The two are still being chased by every major program of consequence of America. But here’s where things get fun!

There’s a whole host of things flying around the internet tonight regarding Langford and Garland’s recruitments, and how well things went in Bloomington. It’s not particularly hard to decipher these things, even if you’re like me and would rather do about anything besides pay attention to the college decisions of teens. But seems like there’s something happening out there regarding Indiana, Garland, and Langford. Do not ask me what that something is. I’m a golf blogger who makes Tom Crean jokes online, not a recruiting reporter.

Still, it makes sense. Romeo’s spent his high school years playing games in Columbus, Seymour, and Bedford — and is set to be Indiana’s most productive high school basketball player ever. Garland’s father sounds like a dude who romanticizes Indiana hoops and his roots in Gary like you’d forget Darius himself grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee outside Nashville.