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Indiana needs a new offensive line coach. Justin Frye is a strong option.

The Boston College offensive line coach was a captain at Indiana under Terry Hoeppner, is from Elwood, and his father played on the 1979 Holiday Bowl team.

Indiana Hoosiers v Michigan State Spartans Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Indiana might not need to stray far from the family to find its next offensive line coach after Greg Frey’s departure to Michigan.

Boston College offensive line coach Justin Frye knows a thing or two about football in Bloomington.

If it sounds familiar, the Frye name is synonymous with Indiana Hoosier football. Frye played at Indiana as an offensive lineman & captain under Gerry DiNardo & Terry Hoeppner from 2002-2006, and then was an offensive GA for the 2007 Insight Bowl team under Bill Lynch after Hoeppner’s passing. From there, he followed Steve Addazio to Florida, Temple, and now for four seasons as Addazio’s offensive line coach at Boston College. His late father played at Indiana on Lee Corso’s 1979 Holiday Bowl team. He’s from Elwood. Indiana Hoosier football goes about as deep as it possibly can with Justin Frye.

Frye’s been a big reason’s why BC’s known for, well, DUDES. Frye’s lines cleared big holes and produced some of the nation’s best running units in 2013 & 2014, though they did backslide quite a bit due to youth and attrition in 2015 before improving some last season. His primary recruiting focus has been the midwest and northeast, which wouldn’t do much to replace Greg Frey’s Florida ties — but would be able to mitigate some of Frey’s success in recruiting Ohio. Frye did scoop up Cathedral safety Ben Stewart right out of Indianapolis this year.

Still, Frye seems like a rising young coach that would be a bang-up fit in Bloomington.

And it seems he still carries a little piece of his Indiana roots with him every day at BC.