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Zander Diamont now working at Kilroy’s, is big Tom Crean fan

A recap from a rollicking two hours of radio that featured our Twitter logo.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, now-former Indiana QB Zander Diamont joined The Tall Trio on IU radio station WIUX for an entertaining two-plus hours of conversation. Diamont is still on campus for one more semester, and he revealed some interesting post-football plans. The full interview, in case you missed it, can be found here.

Here’s our tweetcap of his radio appearance:

Now that football’s over, he’s working at Kilroy’s:

He opened up a little about his relationship with former IU head coach Kevin Wilson:

And he also downplayed his earlier retirement comments:

Zander also talked about the Wild Bacon package with Tyler Natee, and revealed that this wasn’t its original name.

He threw some shade up to the team in East Lansing:

And he’s a fan of #CHAOSTEAM and our site’s Twitter logo:

In addition, Diamont echoed this website’s previously expressed sentiment that Indiana should serve alcohol at games:

IU fans weren’t the only ones enjoying the show - his former teammates got a kick out of it too. Richard Lagow was listening in:

Diamont also had some funny anecdotes about Lagow:

And even before Tom Crean’s radio show, people at the Holiday Inn were talking about Zander:

Speaking of which, Zander is a fan of Crean:

IU Defensive end Joe Belden also came on the show and told some more stories about Diamont:

Here’s the strut, in case you forgot:

Diamont also recalled getting blown off by Matt Leinart as a kid:

Diamont also revealed that he got into a fight with IU safety Chase Dutra once at practice:

Finally, Zander explained how he wanted IU fans to remember him:

Afterwards, the reviews were in:

At the end, the hosts left the door open to future appearances:

So while Zander is no longer on the team, he seems intent on making his final months count in Bloomington, and the radio interview gave some good insight into his life both on and off the gridiron.