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Four-star 2017 PG Tremont Waters visits IU, does accounting homework

One of the top prospects in the class of 2017 took an Official Visit that would make your dad proud.

Top 40 2017 PG prospect Tremont Waters was in Bloomington this weekend for his Official Visit, and the early returns on how he spent his time are....interesting.

First off, it’s hard to keep up with the Teens® these days, but if accounting homework is now cool among elite athletes, then I truly was born too early. More importantly, though, Tremont’s picture includes his browser’s open tabs, which not only gives me secondhand anxiety for the photoshop opportunities, but also is begging to be analyzed. So, let’s get on with it and rank his internet activity:

  1. Fetty Wap - “My Way”
  2. Hamlet
  3. Not the actual Washington Post, but a google search of the Washington Post
  4. Fabolous - “Faith in me” (<—— Garbage song. Be better than this, Tremont.)
  5. Aplia student portal

I really hope Tom Crean and his staff know what they’re doing, because Waters is a huge prospect that warrants bringing out the big guns for, and I’m not sold on the efficacy of showing off the Aplia student portal as a way to a kid’s heart. Anyhow, the electrifying 5’11” PG is being courted by powerhouses like Kentucky and Kansas (both of whom he has taken Official Visits to), but with those schools also pursuing 2017 PG’s ranked higher than Waters, Indiana is in prime position to give the Connecticut native the undivided attention a player of his caliber deserves.

There is no timeline on when Waters plans to make a decision, but judging on his recent flurry of visits, it would be fair to assume that things are ramping up in his camp. While we wait, here are some videos to demonstrate why top programs all are lining up for his services.